About MC2

Printing solutions for New Zealand businesses

Printing and print management is an unwelcome burden for many business owners and managers. If you’re one of them, we can help by taking that burden off your shoulders, and saving you time and money on your printing.

When you need print services , especially for unique, complex or difficult print jobs, you can rely on MC2. We’ll find you the most appropriate and cost-effective print solution, with zero stress or hassle.

Maria Chapman – Managing Director

MC2 Limited is owned and operated by skilled print broker Maria Chapman. With 28 years experience in the print industry, including 13 as a self-employed print broker, Maria knows a thing or two about printing.

Maria originally trained in sales because she loves meeting people face to face. She has worked for many of New Zealand’s leading print companies and brokers, so she has a deep understanding of the printing process.

She also gained experience in many specialist printing techniques like screen printing, wine labelling and branding goods.

All for the love of print

Maria started MC2, and is still a print broker today, for the love of print. While most print brokers are in it for their margin, Maria loves the creative potential of printing. And it’s those difficult, complicated jobs which other brokers hate, that Maria loves the most.

So if you’re struggling to find a printer who can deliver what you want at a competitive price, give Maria a call. Her knowledge of print techniques and specialist printers, combined with her imagination and determination, will ensure you get the result you want.

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Proud members of BNI and Venus Network groups.